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Photo Digital Services provides professional services in the scanning of Photos, Negatives and Slides to digital files.

Fire, flood and acts of vandalism are a fact of life so have your precious memories protected forever today. We scan and transfer slides, photos and negatives into digital files, correct orientation  and optimise colour and sharpness. The files are then transferred onto an 8 GB USB Flash Drive, DVD or CD.

Located in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, we have offerd professional scanning  services for the past 8 years at very competitive prices. Over 350,000 photos, slides and negatives will be scanned this calandar year, using the best scanning equipment available from Kodak, Epson and ScanAce, so we know how to get the best results from your precious memories.

To make your decision as easy as possible we have included orientation correcting, colour and sharpness optimisiation and in the case of slides and negatives they are also cropped ready to be used in photo books, slideshows or just to view on the TV or computer. In addition Digital ICE is also included in the price of Slides and Negatives.

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" Thank you very much for the slide scanning. You have done an amazing job of restoring some old/scratched slides and overall I am very pleased with the way everything has turned out and the super quick turnaround time.

I was able to share some early childhood memories with the family and all were amazed by the quality of the photos.

Thank you very much."

Alex Krouijkov - Sydney

Enjoy The Memories

"I am sitting here with tears in my eyes as I write. There are family pictures I haven't seen for nearly 60 years and many I have never seen at all. My brother and sisters will be delighted too and I will start my photo book in memory of our mother who passed away recently. Thank you for your very prompt and professional service."

Josephine - Killara NSW

Enjoy The Memories

Awesome service, great quality and really good value for money

Will be recommending to all my friends!!!

Paul Bennett - Facebook

Enjoy The Memories

Excellent service - very fast, great communication, and great scanning quality. Many thanks!! Would definitely recommend.

Jill Chalker - Facebook

Enjoy The Memories

"The service provided was first class! My photos were picked up by courier and returned the next day. The images on the usb are very clear and some of the photos were over 25 years old. I was very happy with the product and service and can highly recommend."

Carolyn Clark - Facebook

Enjoy The Memories

"Paul and I just had a lovely evening where we surprised his parents with all you hard work! It was very exciting for us. We spent the evening watching their photos from their recent trip and then Paul put on one of your DVD's. I particularly enjoyed watching their faces as they got lost in the beautiful old photos before they realised they were from their slides. To see it dawn on their faces was a precious moment.

Thank you again very much for all the care you put into transferring the slides for us. The indexing is brilliant."

Nerida Chew - Putney NSW

Enjoy The Memories

We proudly admit that all work is completed and has been completed here for the past 8 years at our office in Blacktown and is not outsourced to another company or sent to another country.

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Enjoy the Memories

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